Xiaomi launches into gaming and unveils a Bluetooth controller

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Gaming is a very important financial windfall, even more so in the Chinese market. Under these conditions we can understand the launch of a gaming controller at Xiaomi.

If we know Xiaomi mainly for its smartphones and PCs, the company wants to invest more and more in gaming. Especially when you know the importance of this market in China. So they have just launched a controller called Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition. The said gamepad is Bluetooth 5.2 and is aimed as much at conventional PC use as TV-Boxes and smartphones.

A classic and affordable controller for Xiaomi

The controller is certified to work under Linux (with SteamOS) but also under Windows and Android. From a functional point of view, this Xiaomi gamepad has Start, Select, A, B, X and Y buttons, in short, a great classic. Triggers are also present as well as a good old directional cross and two joysticks. Finally a 6-axis gyroscope is also present as well as a vibration system.

Note that for practical use on a smartphone, a phone holder can be attached to the USB-C port. Only available in China for the moment, it is offered at a price of 329 yuan or just under 50 euros. There is currently no precision on an international distribution but we can bet without getting too wet to see this Xiaomi gamepad land in the near future in Europe.

Wait and see.

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