When will The Last of Us 2 be released on PC?

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Earlier this year, a remake of the original, subtitled Part I, was released on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

Gustavo Santaolalla, the composer of The Last of Us dilogy, accidentally blurted out something superfluous in an interview with the Spanish resource, Blender, namely, about a certain “new version” of the sequel. Many may not know that in the second part of TLOU there is a cameo of Gustavo himself, where his hero plays music on the streets of Jackson.

You cannot interact with him, but this “oversight”, according to Gustavo, will be corrected in a future version of the sequel. The character can be asked to play some song.

Since The Last of Us: Part 2 still looks visually impressive, it’s unlikely that Naughty Dog has any plans for a full-blown remake, and a higher-res, 60-fps non-mystified update for PS5 was made available shortly after the console’s release. Therefore, with a high degree of probability, we are talking about a port of the sequel to the PC.

As a reminder, in addition to this, there were earlier rumors about the active development of The Last of Us Part 3. Later this year, sound recording and motion capture for the game will begin. Also, according to rumors, Ellie will again be assigned a significant role in the new part.

The Last of Us Remake on PC – Key Details

  • At the end of March this year, The Last of Us remake was released on PC. The main gameplay and plot remained unchanged, but the developers significantly improved the graphics, as well as reworked the controls and AI of the opponents.
  • However, the PC version of The Last of Us remake received the lowest scores in Naughty Dog history – 59 out of 100 points possible. The main reason for the dissatisfaction of users and critics was the terrible technical implementation.
  • Work on improving the port continues. In June, a major patch was released that increased performance and improved port optimization. The developers have also made a number of improvements related to The Last of Us Part I on Steam Deck.

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