What have you played this week?

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It’s finally the weekend, which means that almost 48 hours of freedom are available to players to indulge in their favorite pastime. What have you played this week, and what will you be playing this weekend?

What did you play? What game did you start or finish this week? Your favourites… rants… How many Achievements unlocked? Downloaded demos? Rather play solo, network?

Cool anecdotes, moments of life to share? In short: what did your week look like under the sign of video games?

It’s up to you to tell us, it’s up to you to discuss in the comments below, to exchange with passion (and with respect!)

Here’s what the editorial staff played this week, how about you?

Damien Greffet: This week our editor-in-chief did his best to build a new PC. And just to prepare physically and intellectually, the man has of course exercised his talents on a certain PC Building Simulator. A very fine game where the slightest mistake can fry your CM. It is better not to mix the brushes. You have been warned.

Camille Allard: Your servant has just taken over his German campaign to try to conquer the USSR in Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront. Launch a Panzergrenadier offensive in the woods while sending a supply truck to supply the defense line of a Soviet kolkhoz. This is the life I have decided to lead.

Noellie Mautaint: This time our warrior has peacefully returned to Overwatch to dominate the battlefield and show everyone how dreadful noobs the others are. She also did a bit of sliding on a certain Roller Champions to relax between kills. And you ? Rather roller or FPS?

Yoyann Rapi: Our aesthete player got into Gas Station Simulator. A vintage simulator that allows you to manage a service station at your convenience to make it prosper. Raise gas prices, sell a bag of chips to a redneck in a tank top, never clean the station toilets. In short, one more simulator that will turn your life upside down.

Benjamin “Poufy” Cornu: Our man has been sliding all week on Roller Champions, the latest creation from Ubisoft. Not everyone knows about it, but Poufy is a real rider. Skateboarding, rollerblading, surfing… Our extreme rider’s entire life is made up of ollies and stunts. If you want to get into a sliding sport, here is a man who can help.

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