What have you played this week?

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It’s finally the weekend, which means that almost 48 hours of freedom are available to players to indulge in their favorite pastime. What have you played this week, and what will you be playing this weekend?

What did you play? What game did you start or finish this week? Your favourites… rants… How many Achievements unlocked? Downloaded demos? Rather play solo, network?

Cool anecdotes, moments of life to share? In short: what did your week look like under the sign of video games?

It’s up to you to tell us, it’s up to you to discuss in the comments below, to exchange with passion.

Here’s what the editorial staff played this week

Damien Greffet: This week, yours truly continued his efforts on Metal: Hellsinger, but he also played the brand new WRC11 WRC Generations. After years of following the championship and testing all the games that come out, the site’s RC does not despair of finding a game that will make him forget the huge WRC 5 “With Sébastien Loeb” released by Evolutions Studios in 2005. embody the Alsatian there, but it is also the season when Stéphane Sarrazin was Petter Solberg’s winger at Subaru. And what about the charm of the Super 1600 category! As for WRC Generations, we’ll tell you about it next week on Gameblog!

Camille Allard: The assistant RC has decided to leave the Eastern front. It must be said that with the summer temperatures we had this week, it is difficult to project yourself into the freezing cold of Stalingrad. Suddenly, to accompany a feverish thermometer, Camille played Planet Zoo, in order to have a real jungle atmosphere. Personally, we would rather have gone for a ride on the Rising Storm: Vietnam servers to find our beloved M60.

Noellie Mautaint: Tired of biting chinstraps, and after breaking her teeth on Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong, Tiny Ellie returned to the plains of the Forgotten West. It is therefore Horizon Forbidden West who occupied his free time this week.

Yohann Rapi: A little too zen after his adventures on Japanese Rail Sim, Sutter_Cane decided to fill up on adrenaline, and to wake up in a brutal way. He chose Evil Dead for this, and besides, his test should not take too long to arrive on Gameblog.

Benjamin Cornu: Poufy finally let go of his steering wheel this week. What does the fastest rider in the West do when he’s not driving? He chains the frags. His favorite terrain: Apex Legends! With a bit of luck, you might even come across him on Respawn Entertainment’s game servers.

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