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Since its release Battlefield 2042 has been in trouble. Rather than letting the title agonize, the DICE teams are working hard and trying everything for everything.

Since its release Battlefield 2042 has been in trouble. Rather than let the title agonize while waiting for it to end up in limbo, Electronic Arts and DICE have rolled up their sleeves and are trying to play poker to get the soldier in bad shape back on his feet.

Vain attempt or future success?

The DICE guideline is quite simple. It is summed up as follows:We listened to the community“. What does that mean ?

At first, exit the 128 players, back to 64 players. At least for all modes, except the All-out Warfare mode. And in a second step, the teams reviewed the game in its major part. This concerns work on weapons, their behaviors and specialist animations.

This first season called Zero Hour or zero hour for the less English-speaking allowed us to discover a new map soberly called Exposure. His history ? It is a secret Canadian base where Americans and Russians are fighting for control of the complex.

This new level is appreciable. The close combat between infantry is very clearly pleasing, where the basic title was sorely lacking. Every corner of the base is conducive to a fierce and dantesque confrontation. Series veterans are sure to love it.

We were able to get our hands on new weapons to enhance the various gunfights in the base. Sometimes the crossbow to play stealth Rambo and on the other hand the smoke grenade launcher to relieve friends, or to delay the fight to reorganize and thus come back to fight even harder.

So that’s verticality according to Battlefield

Yes, this new season features two new helicopters. We were able to try them out and we were able to play with the stealth mode to get past the radars and the naughtier mode to launch missiles as if our lives depended on it. Don’t rely on new tanks or light vehicles. It’s clearly not for this season.

Exposure is all about verticality. Besides its base, we had to fight on cliffs and ledges with sniper shots. Who says verticality and cliffs, also says vehicles and more precisely helicopters and planes. It was a hell of a mess, but a mess organized on a more condensed and thoughtful map than those proposed in the original title.

In addition to the two combat helicopters, we were able to get our hands on the three new weapons available: the crossbow, a sniper and a variant of the uzi. It is especially at the level of the crossbow that the pleasure is felt. Of course, all this is accompanied by new premium skins that you will have to buy on the store.

The last novelty present that we could try is the new operator named Lis. This specialist of Polish origin highlights the vehicles present on the ground and can defeat them with her remote-controlled missile launcher.

As for the Battlefield Battlepass

Obviously, who says season, says Battlepass. All objects can be unlocked by playing for a long time, but for the cosmetic aspect, you have to heat up the blue card. Like any good self-respecting battlepass, 100 levels will be present, thus forcing us to spend time on the game.

For the rest, like the Portal mode, more control is promised to content creators. All the adjustments of this season 1 are reflected de facto in the game mode.

Finally ?

Keyboard in hand we had a good time. Your faithful servant saw the best there and it is clearly an excellent thing. Battlefield 2042 seems to be heading in the right direction, although there is still a lot of work to do. Especially since the new map is clearly a success, a sweet mix between Operation Locker and Damavand Peak, for the most connoisseurs among you.

However, if we make an overall inventory, the content remains starving:

  • 1 specialist
  • 2 helicopters
  • 2 weapons
  • 1 map

Players are likely to quickly remain unsatisfied. DICE should have offered a little more content to sign the return with great fanfare of the title, but above all to reconcile with the fans of the saga who have left for brighter skies.

Despite everything, the community is listened to and the DICE teams are working on it. Note that next August, the Kaleidoscope map will have the right to an overhaul. Some areas will be removed, others reviewed and fortifications added. We can’t wait to see how the game evolves as the seasons progress. It now remains to be seen whether this will rehabilitate the title over time in the eyes of the purists of the series.

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