Warner loses exclusivity, 2K Games on two sports games?

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A page turns for LEGO games? 2K Games would take over by exploring new genres. The publisher would totally abandon classic action/adventure titles.

This indiscretion comes from our colleagues at VGC, who are not at their first attempt. According to them, Warner like TT Games would be ousted and 2K Games would take up the torch of LEGO video games. At least for two projects that are in development in two different studios.

A bit of sport for animated bricks

This is one of the scoops of the last few hours, with the absence of Call of Duty in 2023, 2K Games was working on two LEGO sports games. A deal made possible by the expiration of the exclusive partnership between the company made of bricks and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The first title to be released would be a football software designed by Sumo Digital, the English studio acquired by Tencent for 1.27 billion dollars. The team would aim an availability in 2022taking advantage of the exposure of the FIFA World Cup which will take place in Qatar from November 21 to December 18, 2022.

Then it would be the turn of Visual Concepts (NBA, WWE 2K…), in 2023for an open world racing game. This choice is funny to say the least, because between the two studios, it is rather Sumo Digital who has experience in this field. They are behind Team Sonic Racing, Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing, even TOCA or OutRun 2 on Xbox. Ah and big surprise (no, not really), both LEGO games would have honor to welcome – among others – from characters of Marvel, Harry Potter and DC.

VGC mentions two titles in particular, but a third “based on a major sports franchise” would also be under development.

The LEGO Force is no longer with TT Games

“Give up TT Games, we’ll bring out GTA 5 LEGO version”

A page turns, because if the rumor is true, it puts an end to LEGO productions by TT Games, another English studio that had provided a shower of games since 2005. The chaotic development of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which has exhausted the teams, could be a reason for this rupture. A rupture which, at the time of writing these lines, may not be final. In the facts, Above all, LEGO wants to broaden its spectrum of collaborationslike Disney with Star Wars.

Moreover, it is said that for 2K Games, the goal is to expand its sports offer and that capturing a young audience is a good way to achieve their ends. A golden opportunity then.

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