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Even if the project exists, there is no information about it yet.

Within the walls of Warner Bros. a new Superman game could be in development. The existence of such a project was hinted at by the company’s CEO David Zaslav during the publication of the financial report for the first quarter of 2023.

The executive mentioned Warner Bros.’s extensive portfolio of intellectual property, from which works of various formats can be created. This includes games like Hogwarts Legacy. According to Zaslav, the fresh Harry Potter action-RPG was able to attract a lot of people to its world, which was the key to success. Since February, the project has sold 15 million copies and brought in more than $1 billion in revenue.

The CEO believes that this approach is possible with other franchises, including works about Superman. Zaslav mentioned James Gunn’s upcoming film Superman: Legacy, and stated that the games could be “intermediate” when launching a new movie or show.

“Maybe in the next couple of years we’ll release a Superman movie and… people will spend more time [увлекаясь франшизой]and there will be more economic indicators, people will just spend time in the world and the Superman universe,” Zaslav said.

From the words of the leader, the conclusion suggests itself that the game about Superman is at least being discussed. But it is not yet clear whether development is underway, and which studio is involved in the project.

New Superman game

  • Before the announcement of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, there were many rumors that Rocksteady Studios was working on a Superman project. True, the superhero as an antagonist will still appear in the game.
  • Interactive entertainment about the native of Krypton has not been released since 2006. But on the other hand, Superman was added to various projects in the DC comics universe, for example, to the Injustice fantasy series.

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