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HBO’s The Last of Us series continues to reveal itself through footage stolen by locals. This time we have the right to discover the setting of an iconic scene of the game.

Things are accelerating on the Calgary side. After almost a year of filming, The Last of Us series should finish filming all of the scenes for its first season by the end of June. Throughout the process, many local residents spoiled us with little mouthfuls here and there revealing to us what the HBO adaptation could look like. And not to change, new images have just leaked on the web.

New images from The Last of Us series

And it’s another iconic scene from the game, which has surely given some players cold sweats, which shows itself. New shots from the filming of The Last of Us series reveal a glimpse of the famous residential area in which Ellie, Joel, Sam and Henry will have to face a sniper who will have to steal the weapon to then protect his allies.

Once again the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the game is transcribed wonderfully and it bodes well for this adaptation of The Last of Us. Moreover, other images show the work accomplished by the teams to give life to this special atmosphere. Remember that the HBO project will allow itself some freedom in the script, no doubt to better develop certain secondary characters and the different factions. Let’s hope that Sony will soon reveal a little teaser to us while waiting for the broadcast of the TLOU series in 2023.

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