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Communication around Overwatch 2 is intensifying. As the first closed beta open to players is fast approaching, Blizzard is revealing more details about the revamp of two characters that will be playable there.

On one side Orisa, the benevolent protector of Numbani, on the other Doomfist, the worthy successor to the city’s scourge. Both characters will change drastically in Overwatch 2 and Blizzard is taking stock. “ New 5v5 Format Changes How Tanks Approach Teamfights explains the publisher in the preamble in his blog post. The new configuration will not change their main objectives: to create space for their teammates, to initiate fights and to protect their allies in difficulty. For this reason, the tanks will adopt a more muscular game and will have a more formidable defensive arsenal.

Doomfist becomes a tank

Result, Doomfist goes from DPS to tank, but he keeps his original style of play mixing speed, mobility and combos. ” Some abilities will feel familiar, while others will support his new role as a tank “says the designer of the redesigns. More concretely, his hit points will increase from 250 to 450 to be closer to the average tank. Its prosthetic caliber changes little, but ammo reloads faster at the expense of less devastating damage. As for his Direct blow from hell, he also gains in speed. It will still be able to knock enemies back, but it will hurt less.

Doomfist will however have a new ability: Power Parry. It allows him to adopt a defensive posture reducing all damage coming from opposite by 90%. If he blocks enough, his glove charges. The damage, knockback radius, movement speed and distance of his next Hell Jab are then increased. As a bonus, enemies will be stunned if they hit a wall. ” If you block a heavy attack, the charge is immediate. It’s almost like a counter », Specifies the editor.

Note that the Shockwave ability allows him to propel himself in the targeted direction, like Winston’s leap. Enough to make it ultra-mobile and make it gain in agility. In Overwatch 2, his ultimate ability, Meteor Strike, will also do less damage overall, but the core area impact damage is still devastating. Knockback is also replaced with a slow effect affecting all opponents hit.

Big changes for Orisa in Overwatch 2

Orisa will also adopt a new style of play adapted to the 5v5 format. Unlike Doomfist, his defensive abilities have been reinvested in potency to make him more aggressive. More than buffs for the team, no more barriers, Orisa becomes an offensive tank.

While his hit points and armor have been increased, his primary fire becomes a projectile that increases in size and damage with his proximity to his targets. His weapon will no longer use ammo in favor of an overheat and cool down system, which can render it unusable for 3 seconds. With the arrival of Overwatch 2, Orisa will have a new secondary fire, the Energy Javelin. It hits the first opponent and inflicts more damage if it is thrown against a wall.

Another new ability, the “Javelin Spin” which allows him to “fQuickly spin a javelin to destroy projectiles, increase its forward movement speed, and deal damage to opponents while knocking them back “. Orisa’s Armor also adapts to this revamp. The skill reduces the heat generated by the main weapon to be able to attack continuously. It also grants 125 additional hit points. Orisa will also change ultimate ability. With Lance Terra, the heroine shields herself and pulls in nearby enemies while charging an area attack. All these new features will be available in the Overwatch 2 PvP beta, which will begin on April 26.

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