updates are here, Sony teases VRR on PlayStation 5

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PS5 update 22.01-05.00 is available, alongside new firmware for the PS4. New features have been added and Sony is teasing VRR on PlayStation 5.

It’s system update day for Sony consoles, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, which are getting new firmware. The Update PS5 22.01- weighs 1,057GB and bring new things.

New features and improvements

Once your PS5 and PS4 consoles are updated, you will be able to create or join Parties open or closed from the start. Therefore, a private Party cannot be integrated without an invitation from the host. This new firmware also improves the interfaces of the Game Base and trophies (cards and lists). The Game Base, for example, has been divided into three tabs: Friends, Parties and Messages.

The PlayStation 5 Dashboard is getting a makeover to offer more flexibility and customization to players. Now you will be able to filter your game library by genre and of select titles or applications to keep on the main screen. Moreover, you can now have 14 games (or applications) on the home page. Other features have also been implemented, such as Screen Sharing from the creation menu in order to “launch a Screen Sharing session and broadcast your game footage in an open Party”.

It also moves for PS App and PS Remote Play mobile apps. First, it will be possible, as on PS5, to create or join open or closed Parties and the Game Base interface has been dusted off for better visual consistency. As for PS Remote Play, the application has a dark mode and new languages, on iOS and Android, including Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Thai and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified). Previews are available here and here.

PS5: promised, the VRR is on the way

The VRRfor variable refresh rate (Variable Refresh Rate in VO), is coming to PS5… in the next few months. This option makes it possible to solve the sometimes very disabling problem of tearing, in other words the tearing of the image. But this is only possible if your TV has an HDMI 2.1 port. If so, the screen and source refresh rate will sync up and you won’t have to worry when the PS5 update is released.

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