two very big games in May 2022?

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Microsoft may have inadvertently unveiled two games coming to Xbox Game Pass. And those would be two big titles in the catalog of Electronic Arts.

While a handful of games have already been confirmed to Xbox Game Pass for the first half of May 2022, two big titles could also be in the game. One in particular made the news for its disastrous launch: Battlefield 2042.

Two big EA games soon in the Xbox Game Pass?

Electronic Arts might have found the solution to bring players back to Battlefield 2042. Its latest FPS still can’t recover from its chaotic launch, and the game was at rock bottom on Steam just a few days ago. Now that it has received its first life-saving patch, while waiting for the first season, EA could prepare a new seduction operation.

A few hours ago, Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22 appeared in the Xbox Game Pass section of the Xbox Store in several European countries. However, they could not be downloaded despite mentioning the subscription service. Those who tried to click on it were automatically redirected to the page to buy an EA Play subscription. This little clumsiness from Microsoft, since corrected, suggests that the Xbox Game Pass will host these two big games soon via EA Play.

A great program already confirmed

Recent leaks already predicted that the football game would join Microsoft’s service. It looks like Battlefield 2042 is willing to join it. However, an error cannot be ruled out. Especially since the FPS is already accessible via the Game Pass Ultimate where subscribers can try the game for ten hours. The famous new logo could just as well refer to that. However, given the state of Battlefield 2042, Electronic Arts will surely want to bring people together before the launch of season 1 scheduled for this summer.

Pending a possible formalization, a first salvo of games has already been confirmed for the Xbox Game Pass in May 2022, namely:

  • Citizen Sleeper – May 5
  • Trek To Yomi – May 5
  • Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – May 10
  • This War of Mine: Final Cut – May 10
  • Floppy Knights – May 24
  • Sniper Elite 5 – May 26
  • Pac Man Museum+ – May 27
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