Two Point Campus offers itself a release date and opens its pre-orders

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The Two Point Campus management game finally has a real release date. Better, it opens its pre-orders to the most impatient among us.

No need to hold back the suspense any longer, the college management game Two Point Campus will be released on consoles and PC on May 17, 2022. Better still, players can already pre-order the game in physical version on and pre-purchase it on Steam.

Knowing it yes, but not only

The game should therefore allow you to build and then manage your university to ensure the well-being of students and teachers. Obviously given that it is an American university model, the goal will also be to earn money. Business is business.

With Two Point Campus, build the campus of your dreams and shape the lives of your students to offer them the best experience of their lives, full of strong relationships, fun extracurricular activities and, of course… an excellent education! After all, happy students with good grades improve the reputation of the Campus, which can then attract more students, and incidentally earn more money.

Beyond typical academic pursuits, students at Two Point County enjoy many quirky and wonderful courses like Gastronomy, where you learn how to make all kinds of oversized culinary delights. Tech enthusiasts will take the Robotics course in which science, teachers and students come together to create giant robots. Students each benefit from their own unique traits, and all of their unique needs will need to be addressed to help them thrive as individuals, and thus build the legacy and pride of your university.

We are therefore on a rather special university, almost like a Hogwarts but version without magic. It remains to be seen if the game will be as qualitative as a certain Two Point Hospital. Welcome back!

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