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Forza Motorsport 8 is revealed with two new unofficial images of an Xbox One version. Will Turn 10 Studios’ racing game finally be a cross-generation title?

Announced in 2020 with an in-engine presentation, Forza Motorsport is set to be a next-gen Xbox Series and PC exclusive. And yet, images of an Xbox One version have been published on the Web. Where exactly do they come from?

An Xbox One version for Forza Motorsport?

The two images below are authentic and have been checked by Reddit moderation before being published. And surprisingly, they therefore show excerpts from Forza Motorsport on Xbox One. A version which, on paper, should not exist. Apparently, these shots would come from a test build dating from July 2021. Two theories are then possible.

The first is that Turn 10 Studios used a One for its first gameplay and other tests, before switching to Series X|S. But in this case, why resort to it about a year after the start of development? One wonders. The second is that ultimately there will be an Xbox One version… but only in cloud gaming. Like what Asobo Studio did with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The other information to remember from these stolen images is that Forza Motorsport should have real stands. An item requested by fans of the franchise.

A shiny floor
Real stalls?

A turning point for the series?

What do we know about this Forza Motorsport so far? In July 2020, the studio warned that development was “barely beginning”, but that this opus would represent a “huge generational gap”.

The changes we’ve made since FM7 until today are bigger than between FM4 and 7. So it will be a huge generational gap.

During the presentation, Turn 10 promised a 4K experience at 60fps with ray-tracing, without specifying whether or not the technology will be used during races. Chris Esaki, creative director on the game, also announced that the developers were doing everything possible to improve the simulation aspect, including more advanced physics.

Likewise, changes to the tires are to be expected. The points of adhesion to the circuit will be more numerous and the frequency of updates higher. Grip will vary depending on tire pressure, weather or track temperature. Finally, for the first time, this Forza Motorsport “8” will offer different types of rubber for the tires that will always have a wear system.

Forza Motorsport will be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC at an unknown date.

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