This is its size compared to the Nintendo Switch

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The size is not always important but for the Steam Deck many wonder legitimize its measurements compared to a Nintendo Switch. Here is finally a concrete answer.

YouTuber Cary Golomb, obviously already in possession of a Steam Deck, had the good idea to take comparative photos with other game consoles… In particular the Nintendo Switch. See instead:

A beautiful baby

His exact dimensions are 298mm x 117mm x 49mm, for a weight of 669 grams against 102mm x 239mm x 13.9mm for a classic Nintendo Switch (275 grams). We are therefore on a big baby who will be difficult to forget in the hands. But it also makes sense given the hardware inside that far exceeds that of a Nintendo Switch. Let’s not forget that it is almost a PC.

There are also other comparisons like with the controller of a Wii U.

For the record, the public will be able to start receiving their copy from February 25, 2022. And we hope for Valve that the launch will take place under good conditions.

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