their new license will not be a solo game

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Bend Studio has gone into some details about their new PlayStation 5 franchise and it will go beyond Days Gone while drawing inspiration from it. The developers also proudly unveiled the new logo that represents them.

Bend Studio is busy developing its new AAA PS5, and today we have a bit more information about it. It will be a single AND multiplayer game.

A new franchise with Days Gone in it

Even though Days Gone 2 isn’t in Bend Studio’s current plans, all is not lost. Indeed, we now know that the “new concept” of the developers will be based on “Days Gone Open World Systems” and that there will also be multiplayer.

Our new logo marks the beginning of a new era for Bend Studio. As members of the PlayStation Studios family, we are committed to bringing you exceptional experiences that will live forever in your memories. Today, we are happy to share with you just a little news about our current project. We are currently working on a new license that incorporates multiplayer and is based on the open world systems of Days Gone, but bringing you a whole new world that we are positively excited to build for you. We can’t wait to reveal more to you when the time comes.

Kevin McAllister, communication manager, via the PS Blog.

If the title did not shine by its structure, however, it pulled out of the game thanks to its living world and its hordes. In particular in the way in which part of the infected could make their life quietly and suddenly return to their nest, when we try to decimate the other members who had remained there.

Bend Studio also made two announcements with the reveal of a new logo and the creation of a TikTok account.

A very promising IP according to Bend Studio

This new PS5 license from Bend Studio will not be developed by the game director of Days Gone, who has joined the ranks of Crystal Dynamics to work on the next Tomb Raider. According to the studio, this franchise would be “very promising”. Previous job postings specified that the game would have vehicles and weapons, without further details. But after all, the color is announced: it will be based on the “Days Gone Open World Systems”.

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