the ultimate version of the cult RPG soon on Nintendo Switch?

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When you thought you were done with Skyrim, it’s still there. Bethesda obviously has a new port of its cult game in the works and it’s destined for the Switch this time.

Will you resume yet another port of Skyrim? Already available on Nintendo Switch since November 2017, the RPG monument is about to return to the hybrid console. But in its ultimate version this time.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition could be coming to Switch

Bethesda obviously isn’t done with ports of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim yet. Now that the game is available on all possible and imaginable platforms, the publisher is preparing to release Anniversary Edition on Nintendo Switch, the only console not yet to enjoy it.

As spotted by the site Switch Brasil, the Taiwanese classification body listed a Switch version of Skyrim Anniversary Edition on May 15, 2022 before quickly removing it. A manipulation that is often a sign of an imminent announcement and the Summer Game Fest 2022 festivities seem to be the perfect time to reveal this port in broad daylight.

As a reminder, Skyrim Anniversary Edition was released on November 11 on PC and PlayStation consoles, and Xbox on the occasion of the game’s 10th anniversary. This ultimate version offers a few bonus additions including a Survival mode, a new quest, all the DLC and fishing.

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