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GSC Game World teams would move to complete STALKER 2 without putting themselves in danger. Part of the studio would move from the kyiv premises in Ukraine to the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately, you are aware that the war initiated by Russia in Ukraine continues, which had led GSC Game World to suspend the development of STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl indefinitely. But according to several Czech sources, the studio could be relocated partly to Prague or the surrounding area.

Development on the road to recovery?

It is first Vortex, a Czech video game site, which indicates “that part of the GSC Game World team is going to the Czech Republic, where the studio is already registered for business”, and this to resume the design of STALKER 2. Pavel Dobrovsky, another journalist, had the same information. The only difference is that this one states that the whole studio would move to the Czech Republic, and not necessarily to Prague.

Pavel Barák, president of the Association of Czech Game Developers, confirms that he has been contacted by GSC Game World.

I can confirm that the association was approached by GSC Game World early last week to let it be known that they were considering the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. The teams needed us for legal and employment matters.

A relocation to finish STALKER 2 safely

Previously, the studio of STALKER 2 had published a poignant message to announce the suspension of development. The objective was to think above all not to endanger the families and employees of GSC Game World.

Now, we strive to help our employees and their families survive. The development of the game has gone by the wayside. But we will definitely continue. After the victory…

Beyond the association, GSC Game World has reached out to developers in the Czech Republic for advice. Jan Kavan, of CBD Software, notably gave the “10 commandments” on how to establish a company in this territory. Same thing for Ashborne Games which was able to exchange with the STALKER 2 studio for this relocation.

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