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Now assigned to Final Fantasy 16, producer Yoshi-P’s team first worked on a game similar to Bloodborne. Except it was a multiplayer experience.

Before Final Fantasy 16, the developers worked on a Bloodborne-like. For several years, Naoki Yoshida, director of FF14, has had a regular column in the columns of Famitsu and he had delivered a crisp confession in 2018, which resurfaced today thanks to a fan.

When Final Fantasy devs were working on a Bloodborne-like

Before being called in to save Final Fantasy 14, Yoshi-P and his team were working in 2010 on ” a hardcore action game targeting western markets “. A title which according to them was similar to Bloodborne in several aspects to the point ” to have the same weapons and pistols and the same souls-like goth vibe.

There was, however, a major difference between the two projects. The Bloodborne-like from the creators of Final Fantasy 16 was meant to be a multiplayer game. In the vein of Evolve, it was to offer an asymmetrical competitive experience where four players played heroes and another a superpowered villain. The unnamed project, not even with a code name, was also meant to flirt slightly with science fiction.

Square Enix eventually canceled it for undisclosed reasons. A blessing in disguise, according to Yoshida, who humorously believes that he would still have been trying to finish it if that hadn’t been the case. In the meantime, the team from the defunct game will soon represent their new baby. Final Fantasy 16 will reappear very soon with a new trailer and maybe finally a release date.

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