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Stray’s little ginger cat is the star of the summer that console and PC gamers are snapping up. But on Steam, the indie game adds a new record to its credit in just a few days.

Everyone succumbs to Stray even the dogs and cats around the world. PC Steam gamers allow the little furball to land a second record.

Stray or Steam’s highest rated game

After the record of the biggest launch on Steam, the new production of Annapurna Interactive is illustrated in a very beautiful way. At this stage, Stray is the highest-rated game of 2022 on Valve’s platform. Currently, with 42,665 votes, it gets 98% positive ratings for an 8.6 rating (via Skill Up and VGC).

Lost, alone and separated from his family, a stray cat must solve an ancient mystery to escape a forgotten town. Discover this universe through the eyes of a stray cat and interact with the environment in a fun way.

Be stealthy, nimble, wacky, and sometimes as annoying as you can be with the curious inhabitants of this strange world. Along the way, the cat will befriend a flying drone introducing itself as B-12. With the help of his new companion, he will try to find a way to escape.

With such a performance, it doubles God of War and its 8.56. In the Steam Top 250 ranking, Stray is 49th. The top 5 being monopolized by People Playground, Hades, Stardew Valley, Terraria and Portal 2 in number 1.

Here is our test to finish convincing you of the benefits of this cute French title. The app is available on PS5, PS4 and PC.

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