the tantalizing horror game pushes its release a little further

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Indie horror game MADiSON is forced to further delay its release on consoles and PC. However, the new date is relatively close to the original plan. You will be scared this summer!

If you blocked your evening of June 24 to shiver in front of MADiSON, the Bloodious Games studio frees you by granting you a little respite. The horror game will come late.

MADiSON will finally be released in July

Bloodious Games warns us that MADiSON will be available on July 8, 2022 instead of June 24th. A decision taken reluctantly as explained in the tweet below.

Due to the Steam Summer Sale, we were forced to shift the release date by two weeks. This is to avoid being impacted by the large number of promotions on Steam titles and franchises. When you release a game, the first few days are crucial for its success. As a result, releasing the game during this huge event could significantly reduce the title’s visibility, positioning and traffic. And unfortunately, we were not aware of this operation at the time we set a release date.. We are just a small team of two people who have literally dedicated their lives to this game for over 5 years now. Although we understand that this is not ideal, we really can’t afford to jeopardize the launch of MADiSON. We hope you can all understand this decision. Thank you very much for your love and support.

MADiSON will land on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and PC on July 8. As for the Nintendo Switch version, it will be ” later ” this summer.

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