the Skyrim in space shows itself with five stolen images

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The one that can be called Skyrim in space shows up again. Five never-before-seen images of Starfield have been unveiled.

First new license from Bethesda for 20 years, Starfield continues to be talked about. After a few videos and official presentations from the developers, it’s time for a new leak.

Five images of Starfield

To say that Starfield is eagerly awaited would be an understatement. The next big cartridge from Bethesda has something to catch the eye of fans of the genre: a space universe, inspirations drawn from the publisher’s other productions and above all simulation mechanics inspired by Oblivion. If gameplay is still pending, Bethesda is stepping up its communication through developer notebooks to make players’ mouths water.

Good news for them, new images have just appeared on the web. Nothing official, however, since these are once again stolen photos, as was already the case in the past. According to the Reddit post at the origin of this leak, these would be renderings from a version of Starfield dating from 2018. In other words, the same build that was shown in September 2020 and last May.

An overview of a space base

These are therefore five new old-fashioned images that have been published on the social network. Nothing very crisp to put in your mouth, however, since we find environments similar to what we have already seen in the past, including a base seen from the inside and the outside. Note the presence of a crosshair on one of the shots, confirming again that Starfield will be playable in the first and third person. Like Skyrim and so on.

These visuals will nevertheless vary from the final rendering, since these are concepts dating back several years. For concrete and recent, it will still be necessary to wait for an official communication from Bethesda. At this rate, all the stars seem to be aligning for gameplay this summer during Summer Game Fest 2022.

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