The sequel to Wii Sports is revealed on video

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It’s almost curious not to have seen the game land before, but nintendo has finally decided to unveil a sequel to Wii Sports but for Nintendo Switch. It was during the Nintendo Direct that we were able to learn the good news.

sports at home

It will therefore be a new compilation of sports mini-games as Nintendo explains in its press release, including in particular:

  • Tennis : Play by gently swinging the Joy-Con at the right time.
  • Bowling : Throw the ball straight or give it spin.
  • Chambara : Attack your opponent to eject them from the platform and block their blows.
  • Soccer : Perform dynamic actions with a giant ball and use the Joy-Con controllers to shoot and perform dive heads. You can also attach a Joy-Con to your leg using the leg strap included with the physical version of the game (also available separately) to enjoy intuitive controls during thrilling penalty shootouts.
  • Badminton : Hold the steering wheel in the air and send it left or right. Unleash powerful smashes to take advantage!
  • Volleyball : Use a Joy-Con to serve, catch, pass and spike.

Wii Sports had the right to 102 million copies sold around the world and inevitably Nintendo must have a lot of expectations for this new title. A game planned for Nintendo Switch (what else?) April 29, 2022.

Note, however, that a server test will be organized from February 18 to 20and that it will require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to access it.

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