The screen shows itself shyly via a leak

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Like every year we have the right to leaks and rumors about the next generation of iPhone to come. This time it concerns the iPhone 14 and the different screens.

Decidedly the screen of the iPhone 14 (or rather iPhones 14) is talking about him. Thus the informant Mukul Sharma has just published a post on his rather interesting Twitter account:

What we can learn about the iPhone 14 with a snapshot

The photo was spotted on the Chinese website Weibo aka the Chinese Twitter. First information and as it has been suspected for several months, there should not be an iPhone 14 mini this year. A news that may sadden more than one. There would thus be two 6.1-inch models and two 6.7-inch models.

A small notch

The other information is the absence of a notch for the iPhones Pro. At least the notch is less visible but still present unlike classic iPhones. We are still a bit far from this side of what some Android competitors offer with a total lack of notch.

All this remains to be taken with a grain of salt, but there is still a good chance of having a very good indication this time of what can await us this year for the iPhones 14. All that remains is to wait for the fall 2022 to get to the bottom of it. Unless another leak sabotages Apple’s plans in the meantime.

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