the release postponed to 2023? Nintendo responds!

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How is the development of Bayonetta 3? Will it be ready for release in 2022 on Switch? Big N slipped a rather discreet word about him during his last financial report.

Since the Game Awards 2017, where the announcement took place, Bayonetta 3 has been long overdue… Some rather pessimistic players have even counted on an outright cancellation, which irritated the creator of the license Hideki Kamiya. But then what is it really? Nintendo wants to be reassuring.

Bayonetta 3 confirms its release in 2022 on Nintendo Switch

No news, good news ? In its financial statement, Nintendo has Bayonetta 3 listed for release in 2022 on Switch alongside other first-party games. A more telling window? No, you should not push and settle for this meager information.

To date, we know almost absolutely nothing about this episode which will see the light of day thanks to the financing of Big N. And we must therefore rely on the various teasings of PlatinumGames which, to the chagrin of the fans, not the monopoly of communication. Indeed, without Nintendo’s approval, the studio cannot say anything about Bayonetta 3.

Over the years, the company’s officials have promised a game full of surprises and according to Hideki Kamiya himself, the announcement trailer already contained a lot of details. Which ? That’s another story and we don’t have the answer.

The witch will cross paths with an actor from Death Stranding

This is one of the few info on the software, Tommie Earl Jenkins, who plays Die-Hardman in Death Stranding, has landed a role of which we do not know the nature. As for the original English dubber of the witch, if we are to believe one of her interventions on Twitter, she was not selected for this third part.

Bayonetta 3 is coming as a Nintendo Switch exclusive sometime in 2022.

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