the release date announced in an explosive and infernal trailer

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Evil West, the next Flying Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior), announces its release date in a supercharged trailer. Supernatural creatures are invading the Wild West and it’s up to you to clean up!

The Poles of Flying Wild Hog are definitely busy in this year 2022. Shadow Warrior 3, Trek to Yomi (in support of Leonard Menchiari), and now Evil West. A violent and electric TPS which announces its release.

Evil West available end of September

In addition to God of War Ragnarok (maybe), upcoming action game Evil West is gearing up for release September 20 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

In the shoes of Jesse, you play as one of the last agents of the organization of vampire hunters, ultimate protector of humanity against the horrors that emerge from the darkness. Become a real Wild West superhero, eradicate the threat and save the United States!

The trailer sets the scene: the player must fight against the forces of darkness to become the ultimate vampire hunter. Big rock’n’roll metal sound should punctuate your trips to the Far West (but in hell version). The hero will have a whole arsenal consisting of firearms, melee, an electric gauntlet and skills to evolve along your journey.

An exclusive physical version

For collectors and defenders of the physical against the digital invader, the game will be available in a special edition. Pre-orderable on the Focus Entertainment Store, this version has an exclusive cover.

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