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The love story between Ubisoft and NFT seems set to last. Despite the failure of its first attempt, the publisher intends to push NFTs on its other games.

Ubisoft does not budge with NFTs. A few months ago, these non-fungible blockchain tokens were THE buzzword. The one that had to be pronounced with investors to put them in their pocket. Some tried to get into the dance before encountering an outcry of protests. STALKER 2 paid the price, as did Team 17, publisher of Worms, which had been let go by its studios. And then there’s Ubisoft.

Ubisoft won’t give up on NFTs

Despite protests from players and employees, the French publisher has launched its own NFT platform: Quartz. of the first tokens usable in Ghost Recon Breakpoint then arrived and they did not meet with the expected success. And now that the tracking of the game stops, what about the buyers of these ” digits »? Ubisoft sent them a rather cynical message stating:

You own part of the game and have left your mark on its history. Stay tuned for more updates with platform features and future NFTs coming with other games.

What future for Ghost Recon NFTs?

In other words, despite the controversy, Ubisoft is determined to push NFTs into its other productions. We imagine that the future Ghost Recon currently in development will be concerned. Yves Guillemot’s firm, however, did not provide more details. In the meantime, Ubisoft continues to invest in this technology and in studios ” play to earn “, which make it possible to earn money or items playing. A philosophy that seems to have caught the eye of the French giant.

Now remains to be seen if Ubisoft will keep its promise. One of the marketing arguments for selling its NFTs was based on the possibility of using them in other games. However, this is still not the case, and the publisher has not specified what will happen to the objects already acquired. Recall that the Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFTs consisted above all of special skins for weapons and unique equipment. How does he plan to implement them in his other games? This is the big question and it will remain unanswered for the moment.

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