The PS5 could soon emulate PS3 games

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What if the PS5 could just emulate PS3 games in the future? That’s what a latest rumor suggests. We explain everything to you here.

Is the sweet dream of some PS5 gamers about to come true? Shortly after the announcement of the new PlayStation Plus formulas, one of which gives access to some games from the PS3 catalog via streaming, now the emulation of PS3 titles on PS5 is making a comeback.

Soon the emulation of PS3 games on PS5?

Even more “backwards compatibility” on PS5? So says journalist Jeff Grubb. Currently only PS4 games can be played natively on the new generation console. 99% of the old toy library is compatible. An honorable score, however some still regret that the classics of the PS3 have gone by the wayside. It is nevertheless possible to discover a handful of them thanks to PlayStation Now and soon via PlayStation Plus Premium, but only via the cloud gaming.

Sony promises that many PS3 games will continue to be added, but still no backwards compatibility on the horizon. This does not mean, however, that the publisher is not interested in the subject. And according to the well-hung insider, Sony is working on a way to emulate PS3 games on the PS5. “VSIt could take time” nevertheless tempers the journalist, who specifies that he does not have visibility on the concrete progress of the project.

A shortfall for the PS Plus Premium?

Moreover, Sony would not work on the backward compatibility of PS3 games but on their emulation on PS5. A distinction which is important and which leaves even more vagueness as to how the Japanese publisher wishes to proceed to provide access to the PS3 toy library. If Jeff Grubb’s reputation precedes him, this information is still to be taken with a grain of salt. Especially since Sony would lose one of the biggest arguments of its PlayStation Plus Premium.

Recall that the PS3 games were spotted on the PS5 store last January. They were given a price and it was possible to add them to a Wishlist. Especially since a patent for backward compatibility of games from the first consoles had revived hopes. Mark Cerny and David Simpsons, the head programmer at Naughty Dog, seemed to have found a way to run older generation games by reducing the console’s clock frequency.

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