the producer of Dino Crisis is involved in the project

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When the Exoprimal trailer came out, everyone immediately thought of Dino Crisis. Unsurprisingly, we learn that its producer is involved in the new game from Capcom.

Announced during last week’s State of Play, Exoprimal inevitably brought back memories to older players. The dinosaur-filled trailer for Capcom’s game clearly has hints of Dino Crisis, and one still wonders if the new game is related to the publisher’s old franchise.

Hiroyuki Kobayashi does it again

Although it is still unknown if Exoprimal will be in the same universe as Dino Crisis, we know that some developers are common to both franchises. Thus, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who was co-designer on the first Dino Crisis before becoming producer for opus 2 and 3, is involved in this new project.

Indeed, the Japanese developer recently tweeted that he was deeply involved in a new game, before listing all the series of games he has worked on in the past, including Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Devil May Cry or Dragon’s Dogma (pardon the bit). At the bottom of this list, we discover the mention of Exoprimal, which leads us to believe that Kobayashi clearly has a role in its development.

However, a recent tweet from the official Capcom Europe account confirms that Exoprimal is produced by Ichiro Kiyokawa, while Takuro Jiraoka is Game Director. Clearly, we still do not know what position is up to Kobayashi.

Exoprimal: the successor to Dino Crisis?

Recall that Exoprimal will be a TPS with a fairly simple pitch as explained in a PlayStation Blog post.

It’s the year 2024, and for some unknown reason, mysterious vortices have opened up, releasing swarms of dinosaurs onto the modern world. A fierce battle for survival is brewing between the valiant Exofighters and these ferocious creatures from the past who threaten humanity with extinction.

Exoprimal will be released in 2023 without further details, on PC (via Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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