The number of 100% compatible games up sharply

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Good news for Steam Deck owners, the list of compatible games is growing. It has even tripled since its launch. Explanations.

If you are the proud owner of a Steam Deck, you must have noticed that the list of games that are compatible is only growing from week to week. In detail, at the end of February, just under 400 video games were 100% compatible. Now this figure is 1261 games as BoilingSteam reports. It’s still quite reassuring.

1261 games for the Steam Deck


BoilingSteam explains that Valve seems to have accelerated the validation of playable games on Steam. But beware, this does not mean that the Steam Deck only has 1261 games. In truth the total number of playable games amounts to more than 2400. But the games are divided into several categories: 100% compatible (verified), playable (with concessions), not supported or unknown. In theory, the Steam Deck console is therefore compatible with the entire Steam toy library, but in practice it is a little different even if the figure is an excellent signal.

A strong signal

Indeed, this is excellent news for the software side, because a large catalog is the best way to guarantee a very good lifespan for the console. And it is also the most effective way to convince players to buy the said console.

Finally, note that other games (many) can be perfectly compatible with the Steam Deck without even Valve certification. This is particularly the case for many independent games. Steam releases being daily, it would be very difficult to be up to date all the time.

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