the Netflix series presents its monsters on video

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The Netflix series Resident Evil shows off more in a lengthy never-before-seen trailer. The opportunity to have a cast preview with zombies, a Grave Digger or a Licker.

A few weeks before its broadcast on Netflix, the Resident Evil series offers a long (and brighter) version trailer. Some star enemies of the saga are there.

A first big trailer for the Resident Evil Netflix series

The new trailer for the Resident Evil series tells us about the spread of the Virus-T in the city of Raccoon City through the “Joy” pill. An antidepressant supposed to improve the lives of citizens. Except that no bowl, this one contains the Virus-T.

We see Jade Wesker (adult), played by Ella Ballinska (Forspoken), being chased by a giant worm (Grave Digger) and experiencing a rapprochement with a Licker. In addition to the undead, this video reveals the presence of giant spiders, dogs and zombie children. During a passage, we may even detect a Drain Deimos (or its variant Brain Sucker) from Resident Evil 3. Nothing is certain however, the image being still too dark to really know what awaits this poor man in the cap .

Coming soon

The RE series arrives from July 14, 2022 and will consist of eight episodes. This new adaptation will clearly have to prove itself because for the moment, the opinions are not tender. We do not know if Netflix has long-term plans, but one thing is certain, the platform will not hesitate to stop everything if it considers that the success is not enough.

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