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It’s official, there will be a Joker 2 movie in theaters in the years to come. And we even have a title. This is what we know for the moment.

The excellent movie Joker from director Todd Phillips with Joaquin Phoenix in the title role is getting a sequel. The formalization is done without a word via two photos on the director’s Instagram account. Good news for DC fans and movie buffs alike.

More the merrier, the merrier

The title of the film will therefore be “Folie à deux” (in French in the text). Which does not leave too much doubt about the scenario of the film with the possibility for the Joker to find a “comrade” of madness. Why not a certain Harley Quinn? A character that would be all found and that would highlight a female figure at the top of the bill.

A huge success for Joker

On the other photo we find Joaquin Phoenix who is reading the script in question. For the record, Joker was particularly acclaimed by critics, including a Golden Globe for best actor in a dramatic film and the Oscar for best actor for Phoenix. And that’s not to mention the $1.074 billion in worldwide revenue.

For the moment we do not have a release date but no doubt that information will arrive over time. However, you will have to be patient because this is only the first step in putting a film into production.

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