The launch trailer for the console versions is here

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The very ovation Crusader Kings III which made a particularly remarkable entry on PC finally offers a console version PS5 and Xbox Series. The opportunity to create your medieval dynasty directly in your living room.

Crusade Kings III has been available on PC since September 1, 2020, and console versions are coming. To prove it to you, a final launch trailer. The opportunity to immerse yourself in a medieval wargame in which you have the possibility of creating your own dynasty (just that). With the key to a fairly fine management of your family, diplomacy and war in the Middle Ages.

In short, a dive into history as the Swedish publisher/developer Paradox Interactive knows so well.

A Crusader Kings III version with optimizations

This is not a simple port but a redesigned game to best suit consoles. Namely a different interface and above all commands more easily accessible to the joystick. We also find on PS5 fast loading times and use of the functionalities of the DualSense.

It must be said that by default, the game is clearly not designed for a console with its multitude of menus and submenus which aim to operate very simply with the mouse or with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Crusader Kings III is therefore now available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. You can find our test of the game (on PC) here.

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