the Last Spartan Standing mode would have leaked, the info

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The first details on Last Spartan Standing, a new mode of the Halo Infinite multiplayer, have leaked on the Web. Is 343 Industries preparing a battle royale despite their denial?

You will have to be patient to access new content in Halo Infinite, but 343 Industries is not giving up on the job. In the modes promised for season 2, there is Last Spartan Standing which, a priori, would have leaked some details before the hour.

A little battle royale for Halo Infinite?

Last Spartan Standing, a completely new mode from Halo Infinite, will be added to Lone Wolves Season 2. The Delta_Hub Twitter account claims to have unearthed information via datamining. On the pictures shared by the Internet user, we can read “everyone for himself”, “BTB” for Big Team Battle, and that players will be able to improve their equipment by scoring in order to be the last survivor.

Every man for himself!

Upgrade your gear by earning personal points to be the last Spartan standing.

For the Sherlock Holmes of the Net, we could head for a battle royale, a genre that is still on the rise. Everyone would dream of having their Fortnite, right? But for Halo Infinite, don’t get carried away. The rumor of a BR is not new, and was debunked by the developers. Were they sincere or were they hiding something?

Battle royale or not, Last Spartan Standing may be delayed…

Two more modes for Season 2

Last Spartan Standing isn’t the only mode expected in Halo Infinite. The game’s multiplayer will host:

Land Grab: the chef’s surprise, be patient!
King of the hill: the famous one that fans know well but this episode will however bring its touch

Normally, they should be available with season 2 Lone Wolves, from May 3, 2022. But it is without counting on the difficulties encountered by 343 Industries, which infuriates fans. All you have to do is cross your fingers so that these modes are on time.

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