The Last of Us Remake could be released before the end of the year

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Despite all the rumors around The Last of Us Remake, Sony is still slow to formalize the game. However, it should be released by the end of 2022.

You will take back a few rumors around The Last of Us Remake? The game revealed in advance by the very serious Bloomberg is regularly talked about with through several indiscretions whether from insiders or developers. And today it is still Jeff Grubb who releases some information.

An end-of-year release for The Last of Us Remake?

The Last of Us Remake is still on everyone’s lips. Recently, the game whose existence has still not been formalized has been talked about again with a rumor stipulating that it could include the Factions mode, the free-to-play multiplayer mode. If the contours around this project are still vague, several well-informed insiders drop a few snippets here and there. The latest: the game could be released during the holiday season, before Christmas.

I keep hearing it’s coming out this year, over the holidays “, dropped Jeff Grubb invited in the Kinda Funny podcast to discuss the games that will make 2023. Words that echo the comments reported by VGC some time ago. The release of TLOU Remake in 2022 seems to be confirmed, despite the postponement of the HBO series to 2023. And even if many serious sources agree on the project, we will obviously wait for confirmation from Sony. Perhaps at the next State of Play, which could be held very soon, or at the Summer Game Fest?

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