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After a very long silence, God of War Ragnarok finally gives some news. However, don’t expect a never-before-seen trailer or never-before-seen footage.

Cory Barlog asked us to be patient until we hear from God of War Ragnarök. It will indeed be necessary to wait a little longer before seeing Kratos and Atreus in action in a new gameplay sequence. However, the developers are coming back to show how accessible God of War Ragnarok is.

Accessibility options in God of War Ragnarok

In recent years, manufacturers and publishers have made it a point of honor to make their games more accessible. Microsoft in particular, with accessories and controllers designed for this purpose. However, PlayStation exclusives always offer more options so that all players can fully enjoy their game. God of War Ragnarok will not escape the rule.

For this second installment, Santa Monica Studio has completely revised the game’s interface to offer more flexibility and readability. Also the reassignment of keys has been redesigned and more customization options for fights and interactions have been added. Players who bled 2018’s God of War will find all of the accessibility features that were already there plus 60 new options to tailor gameplay to individual needs.

60 new features

For example, we will find the automatic run introduced with the PC version of God of War, as well as the persistent point (crosshairs always activated) for more reference, the activation or not of the aiming and blocking styles. God of War Ragnarök will nevertheless introduce several new features. The subtitles are for example improved and it will be possible to customize them completely. From the size, to the display of the character names and the color, players will have complete control. Santa Monica Studio also specifies that they will correspond more “to the standards of subtitles for films and series”. Also, to improve the reading experience from a couch, the text size of the icons will be customizable at will.

Many optimizations for the HUD will also be there, as well as audio clues to facilitate exploration or navigation assistance to orient the camera towards the objective of the compass. Another novelty of God of War Ragnarok: the high contrast mode. It allows, among other things, to apply a given color to objects, enemies and characters in order to better distinguish them from the background. For a full list of accessibility features, visit the PS Blog.

We are committed to improving accessibility and customization for all of our players. We look forward to giving you more details on the categories of our accessibility features, such as combat/targeting aids, puzzle/mini-game aids, heads-up display changes, the camera, automatic object pick-up and more.

Santa Monica Studio

To discover new gameplay, you will certainly have to wait for the next State of Play PS5 which could arrive sooner than expected.

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