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It’s a bit of what we could call an open secret: The remake of Resident Evil 4. Between the leaks and the rumors of the corridor, there is still a strong chance of having the right one. day. And it’s not the new rumor of the day that will change the gift

According to recent information from the Fanbyte site and its journalist Imran Khan, Resident Evil 4 Remake is indeed in development and could be revealed this year and maybe even early 2022.

A remake less faithful to the original and more horrifying

Still according to Khan, this remake would not be a pure and simple adaptation scene by scene. In particular, there would be modifications to the script, which would take the title away from the original work. Within the changes, there would be larger supporting roles than before with more screen time.

Khan then talks about the introduction to the village, which now takes place at night to make it more “intense” and scary. Capcom would really like to make the game scarier and adjust the tone of the remake by taking inspiration from the abandoned Resident Evil 4 demos.

A wise choice?

This choice is not trivial when we know precisely that the lack of horror had been criticized at the time of the exit. Clearly more action-oriented, many fans had regretted that the license was gradually moving away from part of its original charm.

Very clearly if it is indeed the choice of Capcom, these changes will obviously be talked about. For good or for bad !

If the rumor is true, what do you think of Capcom’s choice to make the game scarier? Tell us all in the comments below

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