the game has leaked and it will be on consoles for the first time

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War simulation enthusiasts will be thrilled since a big leak concerning the ArmA license has just taken place. We learn among other things that the license will finally land on consoles via an opus entitled ArmA Reforger.

The future of the ArmA series will unfold. This weekend, the forums of the subreddit Gaming Leaks and Rumors ignited around a potential internal document of Bohemia Interactive. This information-heavy PDF would reveal the studio’s entire marketing strategy and announce a livestream for next week. Today, the conditional is no longer required.

The future of ArmA will be revealed next week

Faced with the scale of the leak, the Czech company announced a presentation around ArmA for May 17 at 7 p.m. (French time). According to the document, the studio will formalize the long-awaited ArmA 4 and a little appetizer while waiting for its release: ArmA Reforger. His name may not be foreign to you since he had already appeared on the web last year without any other information. We now know more about him.

Bohemia presents ArmA Reforger as the precursor to ArmA 4. The studio indicates that the move to their Enfusion engine presents many challenges, preventing them from releasing the fourth numbered installment immediately and with all the assets, mechanics and grandeur. targeted internally. The idea is then to have a showcase of ArmA 4 to collect player feedback: ArmA Reforger. A full-scale technological test, which will allow teams to make decisions based on feedback and introduce the franchise to a new audience: console players.

ArmA Reforger, the license finally on consoles

ArmA Reforger will indeed be released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles (in the future according to the document). A great first for the license, until then reserved for PCists. The title will be multiplayer oriented (competitive and cooperative), but will also include a scenario editor (Game Master) and mod support via its own workshop.

The game will take place in 1989 during the Cold War. Players will be able to fight in the ranks of the United States or the Soviet Union. The action takes place in the heart of the fictional island of Everon, a playground of 52 km². On the program, 3 factions, 6 vehicles with 18 variations, 15 weapons, 2 types of grenades, and 13 roles. According to this same document, ArmA Reforger will be both tactical while remaining accessible to a wider audience. Bohemia assures that it will be sold as “a premium product at an appropriate price”.

Arma Reforger leak
Arma Reforger leak
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