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The Sims 4 continues its momentum. The world’s most popular life simulation game has just rolled out a highly anticipated fan update that makes it even more inclusive.

After long months of waiting, it is finally here. Long requested by the community, The Sims 4 update allowing players to customize their Sims’ pronouns has finally been rolled out. One more step towards inclusiveness, an essential value of the franchise for two decades, which will nevertheless be done in several stages.

Customizable pronouns are coming to The Sims 4

The first version of the Customizable Pronouns update is indeed only available in the English version of the game. However, the teams intend to improve this feature over time in order to translate it and support more languages. More concretely, this first version will allow players to assign pronouns in a dedicated tab of the Create a Sims menu among:

  • They/Them
  • She/Her
  • He/Him
  • Custom

However, this option will not be mandatory to validate the creation of a Sims. Players will be able to continue shaping their characters as they are used to. In this case, The Sims 4 will default to adding pronouns commonly associated with the selected gender. However, they may be changed at any time.

It was important for the team to introduce pronoun functionality in the best way possible, so they worked closely with the It Gets Better project and GLAAD to better understand the use and impact of pronouns. pronouns and where gender binary representations were present in The Sims 4 explains the press release. No launch window has been advanced for other regions.

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