the French studio bought by the Chinese giant NetEase?

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NetEase, which has already invested in Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain), could acquire 100% of the French studio. David Cage and his teams have multiple projects, including Star Wars Eclipse.

According to a new rumor from the very knowledgeable Tom Henderson, Quantic Dream has been acquired by NetEase Games. The Chinese giant which, in 2019, had already invested in David Cage’s studio, a minority stake however.

On sale since 2018?

According to Mr. Henderson’s sources, NetEase Games would therefore have acquired 100% of Quantic Dream and the announcement could be made this summer. Unfortunately, we will obviously not know more about the reason that prompted the two companies to take a step forward in their relationship.

But interestingly, it says in the article that the company of David Cage has reportedly been knocked on multiple doors since 2018. Date on which the contract between the French studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment ended, which together developed Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human.

Quantic Dream acquired thanks to Star Wars Eclipse?

Obviously, the studio suffered several refusals before finding refuge at NetEase Games. Why ? Probably because of the accusations that weighed on Quantic Dream, which could also explain the remoteness of Sony.

In a previous investigation, Tom Henderson also reported that because of these cases, the studio would have had great difficulty recruiting and that the revelation of Star Wars Eclipse was precisely intended to attract talent, but also potential buyers. , even if the game would have been postponed to 2027. Corridor noises that were denied by Quantic Dream. The studio had justified itself by stating that a title could not be postponed if it had no release date and that their workforce had increased by 50%.

In February 2021, David Cage opened a new studio in Montreal and launched several projects which, to date, have not been revealed. With the exception of Star Wars Eclipse of course.

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