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Like every month before moving on to the next, Microsoft reveals which Xbox Series / One games will join the Games With Gold program. In July, you will be able to photograph splendid creatures.

Microsoft has released the list of four titles that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to experience this month. On the Xbox Games With Gold program in June 2022, as usual, two Xbox One apps and two 360 titles. All of this is still backwards compatible with Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Xbox Games With Gold July 2022: Xbox One / Series news

  • Beasts of Maravilla Island (from July 1 to 31)

Like New Pokémon Snap, Beasts of Maravilla Island’s main focus is photographing creatures “extraordinary”. Here, otter-crocodiles, disguised birds etc.

Capture the beautiful, elusive creatures on a mysterious island that seems like something out of a dream. Explore a jungle full of life, climb and try to solve puzzles. Use your grandfather’s journal and his good old camera to photograph crocodile otters, birds in banana costumes and more. It’s up to you to put your eye to the test to bring the magic of Maravilla to the world.

  • Relict (of July 16 to August 15)

Play as a scientist stuck on a spooky, abandoned moon base. Traverse enigmatic terraformed craters by bending gravity and magnetism to your will to solve physical puzzles. Buried in the eternal darkness of the lunar craters, a secret could save your daughter’s life… or change the fate of humanity forever. Solve puzzles in a title where every corner hides a mystery and where each new stage is a challenge.

Xbox 360 games with a very good hack’n’slash

The July 2022 Xbox Games With Gold program offers you the opportunity to set up your own theme park, with roller-coasters or even mini video games.

Design and manage your own theme park! With five new parks and 100 new missions, you’ll need an unlimited pass to see it all. Best of all? Not only will you be able to create crazy attractions, but you can also try them as much as you want.

If the sequels haven’t been unanimous, Torchlight, the first installment in Runic Games’ hack’n’slash/Diablo-like franchise, has a whole lot more to it at the time. A game that relies on solid gameplay and a three-class system.

Fight your way through more and more dungeons. Choose from three classes, venture away from the safety and security of Torchlight’s city center to delve into procedurally generated dungeons, battle hordes of monsters, and reap tons of loot. Your faithful animal companion will be at your side to support you in the main quests, the side quests, the fights against the huge bosses of the game and the conversations with the inhabitants of the city.

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