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The release is coming soon so Sonic 2 the film is revealed through a second trailer. Explosive extracts that will put the blue hedgehog and his companion Tails to the test.

Two years after the release of the first feature film, Sonic 2 the film arrives on March 30, 2022 in cinemas. And to ensure that the success will be there, the promotion continues with a last new trailer.

A last one for the road

Only a few days left before being able to return to the dark rooms to discover Sonic 2 the film. A sequel that will see the arrival of other known heads of the franchise like Tails and Knuckles. The essential Dr. Robotnik is also back in the guise of Jim Carrey.

Well established in the small town of Green Hills, Sonic now wants to prove that he has what it takes to be a true hero.
A major challenge presents itself to him when Dr. Robotnik reappears. Accompanied by his new accomplice Knuckles, they are in search of an emerald whose power would make it possible to destroy all of humanity.
To make sure the emerald doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, Sonic teams up with Tails. Then begins a journey around the world, full of adventures.

The slogan of this second film, “twice as much adventure, twice as much fun”, is extensively explained in the latest trailer. Between XXL action scenes and pop culture references, this sequel seems to take up the formula that worked very well previously. Good on the other hand, if you did not like the performance of Malik Bentalha, consult the trailer in VO instead.

Sonic 2 will be followed by a third film and a series

During its entire operating period, Sonic the Movie made $320 million despite its budget being “only” $85 million. For its debut, it even smashed records, surpassing other video game adaptations, making it easier to get Sonic 2 the Movie off the ground.

Card or not, Paramount Pictures has announced a live-action series on its Paramount+ platform with Knuckles Featured. And it’s also confirmed, sonic 3 the movie is under development. A release in 2024?

Did you enjoy the first film? Are you going to see Sonic 2 the movie at the cinema? Tell us everything in comments.

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