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It looks like we’re headed for a Horizon trilogy. While Aloy’s latest adventures in the Prohibited West are a hit, the developers are already thinking of a sequel. And it is one of them who confirms it.

With its end and its little cliffhanger that goes well, Horizon Forbidden West leaves a barely hidden opening for a third opus. But will Guerrilla Games make a Horizon 3? Obviously, yes.

Towards a sequel to Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West barely released that the Dutch studio is already turning to a sequel? Those who have completed Aloy’s latest adventures can imagine that. The second chapter indeed ends with a new revelation having the effect of a bomb, which leaves many questions unanswered, and especially room for a new game.

In the columns of VG24/7, Creative Director Mathijs de Jonge more or less confirms that this was an intentional choice for the sequel to Horizon Forbidden West. This cliffhanger is here once again to set things up for the next game “, he explains frankly. The process was the same with the ending of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Forbidden West

The Horizon Universe Could Expand Even Further

Obviously impossible to draw more worms from his nose. We imagine that Sony has signed a Horizon trilogy with Guerrilla Games and that the studio is already working on this sequel. The creative director nevertheless reminds fans that “ the series really revolves around mystery “. Each episode takes time to explore the secrets of both the old world and Aloy’s time. It is therefore easy for them to create new stories and new mysteries different from what has already been done”.

One thing is certain, the Horizon universe is on a roll. Between a series of comics and above all a PSVR 2 game on the way, Guerrilla Games has created a franchise that is already a flagship in the eyes of PlayStation players. It is therefore not a surprise that the Japanese publisher wants to surf on it as much as possible. Rumors, of questionable credit, claim that the studio is also planning a Horizon online game or an online expansion. stand-alone close to Monster Hunter World. The XXL tweezers are nevertheless essential.

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