The Creator of the Legendary Game Doom Wins the 2019 VR Awards for Achievement in the Virtual Reality Industry

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The developer considered the award premature

Father of iconic Doom wins 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award at VR Awards /

The annual VR Awards 2019 took place in London, an event dedicated to outstanding achievements in the virtual reality industry.

How was the VR Awards 2019

The event brought together over 300 figures involved in tech innovation, gaming, film, social experiences and marketing campaigns. The winners in 9 categories were chosen by more than 80 experts.

The main prize – “Best VR device of the year” was given to the Oculus Quest standalone virtual reality helmet from Oculus VR. And Oculus CTO and co-founder of id Software, John Carmack (Doom, Wolfenstein) won the 2019 VR Awards for Lifetime Achievement.

John Carmack’s speech at the VR Awards 2019

At the award ceremony, the creator of “Duma” could not attend in person, so he delivered a speech of thanks through a video, where he explained why he considers this award premature. “I’m often a little irritable in the office because I’m completely dissatisfied with the pace of our work. When I put on a virtual reality helmet, I understand its magic, but my brain always reminds me of the work that remains to be done. So it will be a while before I really feel good about my accomplishments,” said John Carmack.

It is also worth noting that the “best VR game of the year” was A Fisherman’s Tale from the developers from the studio Innerspace VR.

A Fisherman’s Tale trailer

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