The Coalition (Gears) delivers a superb technical demo

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The developers of Gears, The Coalition, demonstrate the possibilities of the Unreal Engine 5. Direction a cave where a bearded man appeals to his survival instinct to not be devoured.

Xbox Game Studios The Coalition, behind Microsoft’s Gears of War franchise, has already backed the Unreal Engine 5 with a tech demo. And to show the contribution of the Epic Games tool, the developers intervened during the conference dedicated to the engine by publishing a test cutscene.

“100 times more graphic detail”

After working on the Matrix Awakens tech demo, The Coalition is back with The Cavern. This is a cutscene where a bearded man, whose look resembles that of the hero of the PS4 exclusive The Order 1886, faces a fog that dissipates to make way for an uncomfortable creature.

The Coalition has also said more about this collaboration with Epic Games, for the Unreal Engine 5. A relationship started in 2010 all the same.

We were able to use a working version of our facial capture tool, hire an actor wearing a face-level camera to record their performance, and Cubic Motion helped us bring it all to life. All of these elements and the use of Control Rig allowed us to create a character that moves in the most realistic way possible., it’s very exciting to imagine what the future holds. We also used the Chaos rendering system for the fabrics to achieve an impressive level of visual quality and we are very satisfied with the result. And all those graphics, all these animations run on Xbox Series Xso this gives us a good idea of ​​the level of graphic quality that we will be able to achieve.

specifies the studio on an Xbox Wire post.

Gears 6 and a new license under UE5

The Coalition doesn’t want to go public with its plans just yet, but the team is working on a new Gears of War as well as an unreleased franchise. A GST? An FPS? We don’t have the answer. On the other hand, the developers have agreed to share their expectations on the Unreal Engine 5 and its tools.

We are not yet ready to talk about our next title, but tools like Lumen or Nanite have already opened new doors for us. You can see the impact of Nanite in our tech demo, it allows cinematic elements to be rendered in real time. This means that our artists can create elements made up of tens of millions of polygons, for entire scenes that can offer billions and billions.

The level of detail is a hundred times greater than was possible beforeit’s incredible. Just look at the details of the eye, the number of polygons for this eye is equal to what it took to create an entire character in the previous generation. You can also see new things in terms of light. Real-time dynamic global illumination has so far not been possible on console. Lumen will change everything.

The video in our article also contains The Coalition’s Unreal Engine 5 trials, particularly in the context of an open world. Obviously, although it’s stunning, you have to see the application in a game and all that entails.

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