Techland releases patch 1.2 with lots of fixes

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human still fixes a bunch of issues in its latest PC update. The update addresses technical, gameplay and even progression issues.

A “major” patch is not too much to overcome the many problems of Dying Light 2: Stay Human. And this is precisely the goal of update 1.2, currently available on PC and consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and One).

Problems in many areas

Relaunching Dying Light 2: Stay Human on PC after applying the patches should result in a better gaming experience. Techland developers have relied on community feedback to eradicate technical, gameplay, ragdoll, progression in solo or co-op, and looping deaths.

It’s far from over since the studio also announces that it has made adjustments to Nightrunner’s tools, the user interface, the final boss or the outro, in addition to all kinds of balancing . For example at night. A brutality pack is supposed to make melee combat more immersive.

On the console side, Xbox specifically, we note two new modes :

  • Balanced: 60fps on Xbox Series X
  • Performance: 60fps on Xbox Series S

Dying Light 2: the most important fixes of update 1.2

To understand a little better the changes made behind the scenes, the Polish studio has clarified its work. At least the most visible:

Elimination of all reported cases of “Deathloops”

Bugs fixed on several quests: Into The Dark, Assassination, Sophie, Hubert in The Only Way Out, Veronika, Nightrunners, The Lost Light, Double Time

Stability issues fixed: crashes or black screens in certain situations (co-op).

Chase level 4 is now more difficult

The range of the Howler’s senses is increased

Survivor Sense now works correctly and can be triggered without any cooldown after being hit or performing specific parkour actions.

Improvements to the architecture of the Information menu options including an Accessibility tab

Fixed an issue where the opponent did not react correctly to other players and did not change behavior which could lead to several glitches when playing Co-op

Banshees and Chargers are now easier to distinguish among Infected populations at night

Added a special mode that optimizes on-screen graphics to allow Dying Light 2 to run on older computers and laptops

Improvements related to PC DX12 cache. The first launch of the game and gameplay will be smoother

AVX technology is no longer used in the game, which resolves issues with the game crashing on launch.

The game being available since February, what do you think of Dying Light 2? Do you often encounter problems? Is there any better on PC following this patch? Tell us everything in comments.

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