Take-Two in the ranks to take over the license?

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After the divorce between FIFA and Electronic Arts, all eyes are on Take Two Interactive to develop the next FIFA, with 2K and Visual Concepts.

You couldn’t have missed last week’s news: Electronic Arts refused to give in to FIFA’s demands. The federation demanded bigger royalties from the publisher, especially with the World Cup in sight. unfortunately the publisher preferred to refuse the offer, and therefore lose the official FIFA license in the process, which will involve a change of name. EA’s license should therefore be called EA Sports FC, while the international football federation is looking for a buyer for its series.

Inevitably, all eyes are on Take-Two Interactive, and more particularly on 2K Games for a new FIFA. The publisher has already done wonders by straightening the basketball license. Once the preserve of EA, the NBA now shines under the colors of 2K thanks to the prodigies of the Visual Concepts studio.

FIFA: a future at 2K Games?

With a shower of excellent opuses, the studio has raised the franchise to the firmament, and we therefore wonder if the game of football could not follow the same path. Admit that it would suck. Especially since if NBA 2K is a reference in terms of basketball, a hypothetical FIFA 2K would be in a challenger position. Moreover, several major clubs have already communicated their intention to be part of the Electronic Arts game.

Should we expect a FIFA 2K? The question was posed to Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, by our colleagues at IGN.

We are always interested in an opportunity to expand our sports business, and FIFA is a big brand with incredible weight. but at the moment we don’t have any projects to share.

You understood, the big boss remains quiet. Officially, nothing is in progress, but we suspect that if negotiations are in progress, the CEO would not say anything about it either. Coming out of 2K, it’s hard to see who would have the stature to be able to carry the FIFA license on their shoulders. And given the promises made by FIFA boss Gianni Infantino who said “I can assure you that the only genuine and real game that bears the FIFA name will be the best available for gamers and football fans..’, the ambitions seem quite high.

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