Switch: Nintendo expects to break the Wii record in France, the figures

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If Nintendo intends to conquer the world with the different Switch models, the French market is doing so well that it could even break records.

The success of the Switch is such that the transportable console could soon exceed sales of the Wii, which we thought was very solid, and set to last. Interviewed by the Figaro site, the president of Nintendo France Stéphane Lavoué was indeed pleased to have passed the bar of six million consoles sold in France, and now intends to break the house record.

Switch, did you say Switch?

With 6.1 million Switches already sold (including 4.9 for the 2017 “vanilla” model alone) in our latitudes, Nintendo is only 200,000 units away from the record set by the Wii in the mid-1990s. 2000. At the microphone of Le Figaro, Stéphane Lavoué even allows himself to anticipate the next major steps in the life of the console:

It’ll top Wii scores by spring, and we’re aiming for a total of 7 million sales by the end of 2022. That would be a historic performance..

We also learn that sales seem not to weaken, even though the Switch is about to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Nintendo claims to have sold 1.3 million consoles in 2021, slightly less than the 2020 record of 1.4 million. And thank you for the containment.

But because not everything can be as rosy as Kirby, even in the wonderful world of Nintendo, the president of Nintendo France nevertheless concedes a weakness. Like all other players in the sector, Nintendo is bearing the brunt of the shortage of semiconductors that affects the entire high-tech industry:

There are still clouds on the horizon. The Switch Oled is still difficult to find in stores at the start of the year, and we have no certainty about future supplies..

A console hard to find on the shelves? This is reminiscent of the first Wii Christmases!

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