Starfield victim of a new leak with this image

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A few days after the announcement of its postponement, Starfield is again the victim of a leak. This time, it will be necessary to be satisfied with only one new image.

Would you like to take a bit of a Starfield leak? Recently pushed back to 2023, the Skyrim in space could make a remarkable appearance at the Summer Game Fest with, we hope, a first gameplay video. While waiting for an official communication from Bethesda, a new stolen image of the game is circulating on the web.

A stolen image of Starfield

A visual that is part of the same leaks that the RPG fell victim to last April. The last of this series of five images does not show anything very crazy but confirms, if necessary, that there will be doors in space stations. Incredible (no). As with previous leaks, this shot would be from a build dating from 2018. The same version as the one that was shown in September 2020 and last May. It seems that the leakers have exhausted all their stock to content themselves with showing us the modeling of the in-game doors.

Starfield will have doors (confirmed) from StarfieldAlliance

For more concrete and more recent, it will be necessary to turn to the various notebooks of the developers. While the videos mostly focus on certain key aspects of the game, they are often illustrated with concept art showing Bethesda’s vision for Starfield. The publisher had for example presented VASCO, its cute and destructive robot, as well as its vision for the game’s music. With a little luck, Starfield will take advantage of this summer’s festivities to reveal more. It’s fine five minutes the dated images, we want gameplay!

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