Starfield presents its music and unveils new images

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Bethesda unveils a new video of Starfield, the one unofficially called “Skyrim in space”. This time, the emphasis is on the music, of which we discover some excerpts.

Starfield’s communication campaign is on its way. For several weeks, Bethesda has been sharing developer diaries from time to time to present behind the scenes of the game’s development. After presenting its cute robot and revealing brief in-game images, the studio is focusing on another key element: the music.

A preview of Starfield’s main theme

At the controls of the soundtrack, Inon Zur, known for his work on Dragon Age, Fallout or even Prince of Persia. In this new episode, the composer discusses with Mark Lampert, audio director of the studio. Unsurprisingly, they discuss their artistic process and how the OST influenced the player experience. ” The main theme sets the tone for the rest of the game we are reminded. It is for this reason that it is composed well before all the rest.

That of Starfield will be based on what Zur calls “The Holy Trinity”. To compose this theme, the musician started from the principle that everything is a flow, everything changes and everything comes back. A philosophy which in game would be applied by: We go on an adventure, we discover, we leave. »

Some images of the game revealed

Starfield is the most ambitious project I have worked on. It’s a huge game that takes place in a colossal universe. But more than anything, he bravely asks philosophical and important questions that people often don’t have the habit or the courage to ask.

– Inon Zur

More than an overview of the creative process of the two men, this new segment will above all allow you to listen to the first notes of the Starfield soundtrack. The opportunity also to discover new artworks presenting several indoor and outdoor environments. A little appetizer before being able to discover the game more concretely next June? Who knows ? With the Summer Game Fest coming up, all hopes are allowed.

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