Star Wars already confirmed?

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As usual, Tetsuya Nomura hid a few clues here and there in the Kingdom Hearts IV trailer, including a collaboration with Star Wars?

What if Sora and his companions set out to explore a galaxy far, far away? This is what a passage from the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer released this Sunday on the occasion of the event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the license suggests.

Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 4?

If this fourth numbered opus will stage a more realistic and dark world, the essence of the saga should remain untouched. There will always be questions of the Disney universe, and this time Square Enix would be eyeing beyond animated films. In recent years, the American giant has got its hands on strong new licenses following the takeovers of Lucasfilm, Marvel and Fox. In the parlance of Kingdom Hearts fans, that means so many new potential playgrounds. Yes, Sora in Avengers is a dream.

And yet the dream could become reality. In the first Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer, several fans noticed that Star Wars might have been quietly teased. In a specific extract, we can see a forest with majestic trees that are not reminiscent of those of Endor. However, this is not the most disturbing detail of the trailer.

Details that leave little room for doubt

Looking closer, we can see an imposing piece of metal that can almost seem trivial at first glance. And yet, everything suggests that it is the foot of an AT-ST, the imperial assault vehicle well known to Star Wars fans. It must be said that when you put images from the Lucasfilm universe next to those taken from the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer, everything suggests that it is indeed that.

On the other hand, there is no clue as to which trilogy will be used. Will Sora, Donald and Goofy meet Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Leia Organa? Or will they come to lend a hand to Rey, Finn and Poe against Kylo Ren? Knowing Nomura, we will have to be patient to have the end of the story.

A foot of AT-ST?
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